Sunday Fall Doubles Combo Remote Darts


  • Plays on Sunday’s at 2 p.m
  • Rosters due October 5th
  • League starts on October 16th
  • 2 Players
  • 6 Games of 501, 6 Games of Cricket, 1 Game of 701                             

COST PER NIGHT: $10.00 per player per night ( covers kitty money and price to play games)

SANCTIONED FOR: SVI/MOMA (8 weeks/$5 per player), WAMO (9 weeks/$5 per player), NDA (96 games/$10 per player) = $20 per player paid online

Click Here To Register Your Team

Click Here To Pay For Dart Sanction Fee ($20 Per Player)


** Please remember before putting your money into the dart board to contact the other team and make sure they are at their location and ready to shoot. **

1) From the main menu on the dart board, select LEAGUE MENU.

2) Before playing league, you can view the schedule by selecting VIEW SCHEDULES and then selecting your league.

3) To start the remote league match, select PLAY REMOTE LEAGUE.  **It’s very important that you select the REMOTE league option, not the normal PLAY LEAGUE option.  You will not be able to connect to your opponent if you do not select PLAY REMOTE LEAGUE.**

4) Choose your league – this league is labeled RFSD22 – SUN REMOTE DBLS FALL 2022

5) Choose your team as the local team.

6) Select whether your team is scheduled as the Home/Away team.

7) Choose the team you are playing against.

8) If the other team is not already set up, the screen will now display that it is waiting to start the remote match.

9) Once both teams are connected, you will be able to modify your subs and shooting order if necessary.

10) Finally, select START MATCH and you’re ready to shoot!


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