Charitable Contributions

For over 70 years, Stansfield Vending Inc. (SVI) has been committed to continually enhancing the economic vitality and social welfare of our communities through corporate sponsorships and charitable donations. The following guidelines have been developed as a way to create consistency and fairness to organizations that seek support from SVI. These guidelines centralize the Company’s charitable contributions function to allow us to effectively determine contribution levels and to enhance communication regarding SVI’s community involvement.

Charitable Contributions Request Form

Guidelines: The following guidelines shall generally apply in dealing with contribution requests:

  1. Contributions should be focused geographically within the La Crosse and surrounding areas in which SVI operates and employees reside. Although we do not limit our giving to local organizations, we do give preference to organizations which support the local community, customers and employees of SVI in some fashion.
  2. Contributions are budgeted each year not to exceed 1% of operating income and approved by the President.
  3. All contribution requests are individually evaluated and are generally targeted towards the following types of organizations and services:
    1. Community Service and Development: Programs and organizations which are important components of a community’s overall quality of life, with emphasis on community development, programs that promote healthy and educational functions for children, and the cultural environment of communities.
    2. Diverse Communities: We recognize the importance and opportunities of diversity. We support programs and initiatives that encourage development of minority and diversity groups in education and environmental education.
    3. Emergency Fund: For emergency help in case of community crisis.
    4. In-kind Contributions: SVI contributes gifts “in-kind” to charitable organizations (i.e., prizes for fund-raising events, printing services, employees to volunteer at events, etc.).
  4. While SVI is committed to building ties with the community we cannot honor every request for assistance we receive. As a result, the following are generally ineligible to receive contributions from the organization:
    1. Lobbying, political, fraternal, and labor organizations/purpose.
    2. Individuals raising funds for personal activities, excluding benefits (except post-secondary scholarships awarded via a contribution to another party).
    3. Advertising/marketing campaigns; however, some contributions are “sold” as an ad (i.e., ad space in yearbooks/sports programs, television spots).

To be considered, all charitable contribution requests must be made in writing (no telephone call or facsimile requests will be accepted) by completing the “Charitable Contributions Request Form” (attach additional information as needed). If mailing a request for donation, please submit everything to the address below. You may also email the information to us at [email protected].

Stansfield Vending Inc.
Attn: Human Resources
3172 Berlin Dr.
La Crosse, WI 54601