2019-20 Pool & Dart Tournament Schedule


MPA Pool Championships

MOMA Pool Tournament – View Details

Tavern League of WI 3rd District Pool Tournament

WAMO Pool Tournament – View Details

WI BCA Pool Tournament

WSPA Pool Tournament – View Details

Stansfield Vending Pool Tournament

VNEA Pool Tournament – View Details


Stansfield Summer Shootout – View Details & Sign Up Online – Due to Stansfield by 7/22/19

WI Bullshooter Regional Dart Tournament – View Details

PPD Tournament of Champions – View Details & Sign Up Online

NDA Regional Dart Tournaments – View Details

MOMA Dart Tournament – View Details

Stansfield Vending Dart Tournament

D & D Amusement Dart Tournament

NDA Dart Tournament – View Details

WAMO Dart Tournament – View Details

Bullshooter Dart Tournament – View Details

Previous Tournament Results

2017 MOMA Pool Tournament
2017 MOMA Dart Tournament
2017 Stansfield Vending Dart Tournament
2017 WAMO Pool Tournament
2017 Stansfield Vending Pool Tournament
2017 NDA Dart Tournament
2017 WAMO Dart Tournament
2017 VNEA Pool Tournament


Click on the links below to see your ranking within each organization.

2018-19 Stansfield Rank List
Stansfield Rank List Referral Form
MOMA Ranking List
WAMO Ranking List
WSPA Ranking List
VNEA Ranking List
MyPoolStats Ranking Search

Victory Ranked Series Online Dart Contests

Check the Galaxy 3 Dart Boards and our Facebook page for details on each contest.  We’re giving away sports jerseys, dart jerseys, free tournament entries, and other prizes.  All you have to do is go into the Tournament Mode on the dart board, then select Victory Ranked Series.  Use your Hot Button to load your profile, then play!  Don’t have a Hot Button, contact us and we’ll get you one.  Then check back here to see how you’re stacking up against the competition.

Check back soon for the next contest…

Bracket Charts

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