Richland Center Summer Pool

League Information: Sunday’s @ 5 PM starting June 6th through September 12th

Cost Per Player: $4 per player per night for sanctioning + $2 per player for kitty money= $6 per player per night or $24 per team per night not including the quarters to play the game


Sanctioning For: ACS ($15 per player/ 2 wks for WI, 4 wks Midwest, 8 wks Nationals required), BCA ($20 per player / 4 weeks required), SVI/MOMA ($5 per player / 8 weeks required), WSPA ($10 per player/ 4 weeks required)

$40/$50 PER PLAYER FOR SANCTION (Depending if you played last year or not for BCA Sanctioning)

2021-22 ACS Rosters



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