Reedsburg Area Darts

2023-2024 League Information: 

  • League plays on Thursday’s at 7:00 p.m.
  • Rosters due September 28th
  • League starts October 12th
  • 4 Players
  • 6 Games 301, 6 Games Cricket, 1 Game 501 All Play
  • Reverse Handicapped. 60% for ’01. 6 marks for Cricket. History of prior years stats, current after week 1.
  • Play one round and then split into 2 divisions and play 1-2 more rounds based on number of teams
  • Division A will play 501 after split instead of 301
    • No handicap for 2nd half
  • Days Off: November 23rd, February 15th
  • ** Your league is allowed to edit handicaps at the dartboard for the subs that you bring in that night if they aren’t already on the board. Please check the captain’s guide for team penalties from entering in a subs stats incorrectly.**

Weekly Fees: $15.00 per player, per night (This includes kitty fee and price to play games)

League President: James Fish 608-393-3733

Vice President: Shawna Maki (Taz) 608-548-7704

Sanctioned For: SVI/MOMA ($5 PER PLAYER/60 GAMES)WAMO ($5 PER PLAYER/ 9 WEEKS)NDA ($10 PER PLAYER/ 96 GAMES)= $20.00 per player

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