Prairie Du Chien Doubles Darts

LEAGUE INFORMATION: Plays on Sunday’s at 4 p.m. Starting November 7th.

WEEKLY FEES: $10 per player per night (covers kitty money & price to play the games)

CO-LEAGUE PRESIDENT: Joey Renner 608-397-5642

SANCTIONED FOR: SVI/MOMA (8 weeks/$5 per player), WAMO (9 weeks/$3 per player) 


Playing 1 round of 7 weeks (w/ 1 BYE) with payouts based off standings.

A 3 week seeded tournament will be played after 7 weeks regular league play.   Tournament is based off 7 week standings (top seed has the BYE).

Money from the 3 week tournament will go to the top 2 finishers in the tournament!

League Forum