Sunday Summer Mixed Dbls Remote Darts


  • League plays on Sunday’s at 6:30 p.m. Starting on June 4th.
  • 2 Players
  • 6 Games of 301, 6 Games of Cricket, 1 Game of Wild Card Cricket
  • 60 second shot clock to keep up pace of play

COST PER PLAYER: $15 per player per night (for quarters & for kitty money)


** Please remember before putting your money into the dart board to contact the other team and make sure they are at their location and ready to shoot. **

1) From the main menu on the dart board, select “LEAGUE MODE”.

2) In League Mode, select “PLAY LEAGUE (LOCAL OR REMOTE)”. 

3) Select the league you are playing tonight, the league is labeled RSSX23 – REMOTE SUN SUM MIXDBLS 23

4) Select, “YES, BOTH CAMERAS WORK” in LEAGUE CAMERA CHECK if both cameras are working. 

5) Choose your team 

6) Select whether your team is scheduled as the Home/Away team. **Make sure you follow how the schedule reads**

7) Choose the team you are playing against.

8) Chose “YES, PLAY LOCAL LEAGUE” if your opponent is with you at your location. Otherwise choose “NO, PLAY REMOTE LEAGUE”.

9) If the other team is not already set up, the screen will now display that it is waiting to start the remote match.

10) Once both teams are connected, you will be able to modify your subs and shooting order if necessary.

11) Finally, select START MATCH and you’re ready to shoot!

Let’s Play League! – Board Set Up Instructions