Durand Summer Pool 2nd Half Div 1


  • League plays on Wednesday’s at 7 p.m. starting on June 7th
  • 2 Player/8 Game Format
  • Playing 1 round of 9 weeks then splitting into 5 & 5 and playing 5 more weeks.

COST PER PLAYER:$10.00 per player, per night, sanction fee built in and divided amongst each night’s league fees.

TOTAL LEAGUE FEES DUE FOR 1ST HALF: $20 per team X  9 weeks = $180.00

TOTAL LEAGUE FEES DUE FOR 2nd HALF: $20 per team X  4 weeks = $80.00

SANCTIONED FOR:  ACS ($15 per player/2 weeks for WI Championship, 4 weeks for Midwest, 8 weeks for Nationals),  SVI/MOMA ($5 per player / 32 games required), WSPA ($15 per player/ 4 weeks required) =$35 PER PLAYER 

SANCTION NOTES: Subs will pay the required $10 per night and will qualify for sanctioning based on weeks/games played. Regular roster players will qualify to be sanctioned based off weeks/games played but teams will no longer need to worry about subs sanctions or 2 week time frames. Subs & regular players can qualify for  sanctioning based on the specifications for each sanctioning body, gives as a guideline for games/weeks required for tournament play.

Breakdown of Sanction & League Fees:

  • $35 per player for sanctioning/13 weeks of play= $2.69 rounded up to $5.00 ($2.31 would go towards kitty money)
  • $5 per player per night for kitty money + $5 per player for sanctioning=$10 per player per night
  • $10 per player per night for sanction & kitty money X 2 players per team=$20 per team.