November 30, 2017

3 Person Team Pool Tournament

December 16, 2017 @ 10:00 am
Lil's Cochrane Inn
111 N Main St
Cochrane, WI 54622

Let’s have some fun and check out the new pad! Lil’s Cochrane Inn has had a huge makeover and it’s beautiful! Enough seats and room for everyone! I want this event to be a blast! We will have two 50/50 drawings and Food! So there’s a chance to win money no matter what! A full tummy too! 🥙 The other half of the 50/50 drawings will be donated to our local Tri Community Fire Department. Teams must have two males and one female your allowed one master per team. If the male to female is obviously a difference and a problem we can work something out so everyone can play! Put your team’s together fast because it’s only a couple weeks away! This will be a great time no doubt! One more thing so it’s clear this will be double elimination and go on Sunday if need be. The bar is huge and beautiful inside it can I think hold like 6-7 tables comfortably. Any ideas or things I’m forgetting please just yell 😊. Also $60 a team.